"Honoring the Troops"

by Michael Jernigan

"A Sculptor's Perspective"

An excerpt of a radio program from
100.7 FM, WFLA, Tallahassee Florida
Community Conversations with Preston Scott
Aired 9:00PM, Sunday, November 22, 2009
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when I picked up the mobile studio in Goshen, Indiana from Keystone RV Company.


See a presentation on Veteran's Day 2012 at the North Florida Baptist Church in Tallahassee, FL  




I have returned from 28 days in Iraq and 24 days in Afghanistan as an embedded freelance media artist through the Tallahassee Democrat.   While in each country, I took 100 photos and 27 facial measurements of 19 military personnel. Back in my studio in Tallahassee, Florida I will rough in each portrait and then have a final series of sittings in the mobile studio RV provided by Keystone RV Company, Goshen, IN.  The finished bronze portrait busts  will be exhibited around the country in at least 10 locations in 2016-2017.  Then the portrait sculptures will be given to each service member as a gift from a grateful nation based on the donations received from the public.  If you would like to help Honor the Troops, please DONATE  

on line to help with the casting costs and exhibit expenses.  Thank you for your support.     



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Members of the National Association of State Directors of Veteran's Affairs have started

contributing to the bust of General Ray Odierno, USA, Retired.  See the "Supporter" category

for a list of who is helping honor this great General and Patriot.



 Chief Bill Carl, USCG, Naples, Florida




Chief Bill Carl's bust on the beautiful pedestal created

 by Wiregrass Furniture, Beachton, GA.



I met Terri Skene in Iraq.  She has also served at Camp  

 Leatherneck, Afghanistan. 



This is how Terri's display will look at the exhibits.



Check out the incredible digital camo patina that

 Rick Fignoca and Wayne Dyer at Bronzart created.


 Captain Rickey Fitzgerald, at his final sitting outside

 the mobile studio at Camping World. His wife, Tonja,

 and daughter, Tatyana, were there.  Each sculpture will

 have a banner with photos I took of the subject in country.


Captain Rickey Fitzgerald and wife, Tonja, at the opening

night of the 24th Annual Gadsden Art Exhibit in Quincy, Florida. 

November 16, 2012.


 Mike and Toni Kirby have been strong supporters of the 

 Honoring the Troops project and they attended the Gadsden

 Art Center Opening Night.  November 16, 2012.


Rear Admiral Charles Ray had his final sittings at Reston, VA

when he was on a trip to Washington, D.C. from Hawaii.

His wife, son and three great grandkids could all fit in

the mobile studio.  He is now station in San Francisco, CA.


Click on the RV image above and go to the Keystone RV Company website.  Check out their great line of RV's and Toyhaulers.   




March 28, 2009 - Ali Al Salem, Life Support Area, Kuwait.  I arrived yesterday and after checking in was assigned Tent 04 and had to take a top bunk.  Lots of civilian contract people coming through, plus soldiers coming and going.  I will be raising the U.S. Flag over the base here at 1700.   The food is great but the weather is dry, hot and dusty.  I'll leave tomorrow for Baghdad International Airport.  Meeting a lot of interesting people:  I'll write about them later when I get full clearance.  My seat mate coming over from Washington to Kuwait was CDR Tim Durdin a FSU graduate from San Antonio. Hello to Michelle and the kids.  We slept most of the 12 hour flight.  Still trying to figure out the various ways to communicate back with friends and family.  So for now I'll post "Notes" on this website and at WWW.Tallahassee.com on my blog page.  Visit my website www.honoringthetroops.com



March 29, 2010 - Baghdag, Iraq.  Currently waiting for a flight from Baghdag Airport to the International Zone. That is where I'll get final clearance and travel on to Mosul.  I finally got connected through Skype to Linda (my wife of 41 years) but the video didn't work at home.  We are next going to try Magic Jack (for $40 a year) which will let me call her cell phone from any where in the world.  Before I left Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwiat, LTC George Brown, Jr. the LSA Commander, 53D IBCT, personally flew my US Flag over the base in support of the "Honoring the Troops" project.  I think I have found one of my Coast Guard subjects.  I'll know in a couple days.  There are over 300 Coast Guard members in the Iraq/Afghanistan theaters.  I'm meeting a lot of very dedicated service members and contractors.  I'm so honored to be doing this.  More later.

March 30, 2010 – Baghdad , Iraq–International Zone.  When I went to breakfast this morning I happened to sit across from LTC Daniel Quick.  He’s the Chief of Staff at the Joint Area Support Group-Central at FOB Prosperity.  He’s from Texasand plans to retire back there to his 120 year old house.  I told him the story of my 12th Generation Great Grandfather, Thomas Jernigan, who came over from England

in 1635 on a boat  called “True Love”.  The Colonel said he once worked on a boat named “True Love.”  I said I wanted to raise a flag over the base that I had brought with me and asked who I would see to get permission.  He said “Me.”  So later in the day, 1LT Darryl Frost, PAO, Joint Area Support Group-Central coordinated the ceremony in front of Saddam’s old Palace.  SGTs Rachid Messari and Jonathan Truax performed the event while I was allowed to take photos. 

     I’ll fly back to BIAP ( BaghdadInternationalAirport ) on Wednesday night and then on to Mosul

. to join up with the 779th Engineering Battalion from Tallahassee.


April 2, 2010 –Mosul, Iraq. LT. Michael Goodman and I went over to the 111th Sapper Engineer Company for an interesting night. We were going to go on two RCPs, (Route Clearance Patrols).    The first one would be with the US troops only and the other (after two hours sleep) with the Iraqi Army. I rode in the “Buffalo,”a large MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle). We would be patrolling the street of Mosul for IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). My concern was that I had seen “The Hurt Locker”before leaving Tallahassee and had the Hollywood version in mind. The night and early morning events were much more professional and real. We came across a couple interesting spots in the roads, but nothing exploded along the way. Our troops are making these patrols everyday to help keep the locals safe.

April 3, 2010 –Mosul, Iraq.  Had lunch with LTC Dwayne Jarriel and CPT Nick Amico.  Went to Al Kindi and sat in on a Joint Leadership Conference with them and COL Kammel of the Iraqi Army, 3rd Regiment Engineering Company.  This was what is called a KLE (Key Leadership Engagement) meeting. 


We then went to see the new shooting range which had just been built by the US forces and where the US Army were training the Iraqi Army to fire their new M16s. 
Next to the firing range was one of Saddam Hussein’s 72 palaces.  Three palaces were on this compound (he had 15 compounds where he maintained his 72 palaces).  The palace had been stripped of the gold and marble, furniture, and other valuables by the locals just after the fall of Saddam’s regime. The palace was called the Palace of the Swords and that image was incorporated throughout the walls, floors, and ceilings along with Saddam’s initials or name.  The location of the compound was the highest and best prime real estate overlooking the Tigris River and Mosul.  It is now under the control of the Iraqi Army. 


April 4, 2010 –Al Kindi, Iraq.  Flew on a Blackhawk helicopter for just over four hours to arrive at Al Kindi  in Northern Iraq.  It is there we meet up with the Iraqi 3rd Federal Engineer Regiment  and the American 779th Engineer Military Transition Team (EMiTT).  The flight took longer than usual as it delivered a pair of Army Chaplains to various locations for Easter services and would circle back to pick them up and take them to the next location.


First met with SGM Lawrence Sheppard and SPC Mark Phillips of the 1313 Engineer Company out of Indiana as they proudly showed off a Retainer Area for Fuel Point Protection.  Captain James Mitchell coordinated the training of the Iraqi Army through SPC Phillips for the project.



I was checked into a room on the third floor of a barracks with the troops and shown the dining facility which was on the first floor.  I met a fellow artist, Bernardo Gonzales, who keeps a journal for his wife and children with drawings of vehicles and other subjects he encounters daily.  I was in attendance a week later when he was formally recognized of his earned rank of Sergeant at the NCO Induction Ceremony back in Mosul.  He impressed me as a nice guy with a great attitude about life.    




April 12, 2010 –Mosul Airport, Iraq.  Awaiting a flight to Al Asad where I will photograph and measure 4 subjects for the project.  It’s about an hour before the flight leaves.  The air is cool but dusty.  You can taste the dust.  It’s been dusty all day.  The worst I’ve seen since I’ve been in country.  Captain Amico drove me and 1LT Goodman over here along with Captain James Mitchell and Captain Kristopher Bice.  We ate at the Diamond Back Dining Facility (DFAC) which some say is better than the DFAC at Marez.  I didn’t notice the difference…they are both great.  After checking in at the manifest desk, we said our goodbyes. 1LT Goodman will accompany me until I get to Baghdad.  He seems pleased to be traveling again.  I have spent most of the day packing and repacking, sending emails, Skyping with my wife, and repacking.  I brought way too many clothes and extra stuff I could have left at home.  I’ll surely downsize for the trip to Afghanistan.  Had to buy a 1.5 terabyte external had drive because of all the video recordings I’ve done thus far.  I was quickly running out on space on my Panasonic Toughbook which has 75gb. 


I should be able to photograph and measure the 4 subjects at Al Asad tomorrow and also leave for Baghdad a couple days later.



April 13, 2010 –Balad, Iraq, Arrived here 5 hours behind schedule.  Chose not to check into a tent but rather slept on the Airport floor along with 100 or so soldiers awaiting their flights.  I got about 3 hours sleep despite the noise and announcements periodically for departing flights.  I was able to connect home to Linda because there’s free internet access at this airport.  She reported that our cat, Pumpkin, has lymphoma.  Not sure of the prognosis, but it doesn’t look good.  Maybe six months if we spend a lot of money treating her. 



While awaiting the flight, I saw Amanda Ingraham, a Specialized Search Dog (SSD) Handler, with her four year old, “Rex”.  He was so obedient and somewhat arrogant, yet professional.  I took a number of pictures and some measurements, thinking why not include “Rex”.  It’s still a decision to be made, and will depend in time and expense and who might actually sculpt him.   



At 0850 we boarded a C130 for Al Asad Air Base (west of Baghdad and slightly north). This is one of the largest Iraqi Air Bases if not the largest.  We landed at 0929 and after clearing security at Joint Air & Cargo Operations Terminal (JACDOT), we went to our contact just across the street.  As the day progressed, I was able to photograph and take measurements of the four individuals from the 144th/1218th Transportation Companies that I had seen off from Tallahassee back on July 8, 2009.     




 April 14, 2010 –Al Asad Air Base.  Today was like being back in Tallahassee.  I got up, showered, shaved, went to breakfast, worked on my computer, took a long walk, swam a mile, went to a movie, ate supper, worked on the computer, and went to bed.   But here’s the difference:  I took a shower in a portable container, ate breakfast at Warrior Hall, one of five Dining Facilities on base, had terrible computer connections any time I was on line, walked a dusty mile to an Iraqi Officer’s Pool, saw “Zombieland”because it had Woody Harrelson playing a character named “Tallahassee.”I did meet some nice people during the day:  SGTs Joseph Blackman and Michael Guzik outside the movie theater; and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a Turkish Jewelry Shop Clerk.



Otherwise, it was my “off”day after 18 days in Iraq.  Now on to Baghdad for the next two subjects.


April 15, 2010 –Al Asad Air Base to Baghdad International Airport (BIAP).  Repacked during the day and headed off to catch a Blackhawk helicopter to BIAP.  While waiting on the flight line, I met Major Michael Turbyfill, USAF.  I’ll be keeping in touch with him when he’s stateside. (Will explain in a later blog.)




The flight was quiet an experience and unique from the comfort of the flights in the past.  There is no way you can get that many people and their gear in a Blackhawk, but since this flight was overbooked, the flight crew did.  The back seat sits four and they face four additional seats, so as you enter (in full body armor, ear plugs, helmet, and safety goggles) you are sitting knee to knee.  Then backpacks are brought in and placed between your legs.  More backpacks are sent in and placed on your lap and knees.  Then another row of backpacks are shoved in so you can’t see the guy in front of you.  And then a couple more are crammed in just when you thought nothing else would fit.  The doors are slammed shut.  You basically can’t move except to turn your head.  I could see out one window but not the other.   I had not felt this confined since birth except for the time I took a claustrophobia test in the Navy in 1967.  After two 30 minutes flights we landed at BIAP and headed for Camp Stryker for billeting.  We spent the night in a twenty person tent which had air conditioning.  The next day, 1LT Goodman landed us better quarters in a pair of CHUs (Containerized Housing Units).    


April 17, 2010 –Camp Victory, (BIAP).  Yesterday, the LT and I checked out the meeting location for my interview with one potential subject, A Navy CDR who’s involved with counter-IED technology.  At a luncheon meeting today, he declined to be part of the project and stated, “I feel others are more worthy of the recognition.”In addition to being humble, he is a private person and wished to have his privacy maintained.  I accepted his request with understanding and professionalism. I can say, his character, service, and dedication, is more than deserving of any recognition that I may provide anyway.  The Military Personnel first selected for my project are primarily through the Soldiers and their Families within the 779th Engineer Battalion and the 144th/1218th Transportation Companies prior to their deployment from Tallahassee, Florida.  During my stay in Mosul, with the 779th Engineer Battalion, we held a lottery and selected a Soldier from a pool of about 30 entries.  The Navy Commander that I desired to sculpt was selected through a “go between”contact discovered while working on exhibit locations. One of the two Coast Guard representatives was found through a by-chance-encounter when I first arrived at Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), Iraq. The final eight of my twenty-one service members will be selected upon arrival at Afghanistan in June. It’s still a mystery on how I will make those selections, as everyone over there is a worthy candidate. 




April 18, 2010 –Camp Stryker, (BIAP) to Joint Security Station Shield.  Cheryl Reese, one of transportation coordinators, known as the “Rhino Lady”, assisted LT with some of the workings to our next movement. I was compelled to share with her a photo of my RINO sculpture I did last year at the Florida Legislature and she got a real kick out of it. She wanted it autographed specifically to her which I was more than happy to do. Our movement from Camp Stryker to the International Zone “Green Zone”in Baghdad was composed of a convoy including MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle) and RHINOs (basically an armored Winnebago).  We went “outside the wire”and traveled through the Streets of Baghdad until we arrived at our starting point (SP) for our second leg of the journey.  From there we took another MRAP across the Tigris River to Joint Security Station Shield, the smallest camp I have been at thus far.  We were assigned Wet CHUs, which meant our Containerized Housing Unit had its own bathroom inside the unit.  This is not how the majority of soldiers live, but we lucked out, with help from LT.  The convoy trips were very professionally done.  Our soldier’s know what they are doing and they do it well.





April 19, 2010 –Joint Security Station Shield, Baghdad, Iraq.  Outside the Mayor’s Cell there’s a short flag pole and this morning Captain Brian Copper, USAF, and SSGT Jason Benton, US Army performed a flag raising ceremony for the project’s U.S. Flag.    I took pictures and received a certificate signed by Major John J. Young, Jr., Mayor, JSS Shield.   This makes nine locations where the flag has been flown thus far.  I plan for it to be part of the exhibit symbolizing the American People honoring the 21 military members who are themselves protecting the flag and the people it represents.



Tonight I had dinner with Don Thompson, a Dyn-Corp contractor, who arranged my connection with Rear Admiral Charles Ray, USCG.  I’ll meet with the Admiral tomorrow at 1600  and hopefully get him to agree to be one of the two Coast Guard subjects.  On my way back from dinner I met Nanna Skriver, a blond Danish Police Officer.  She seemed so out of place around all of the multi-national security forces mainly from Africa. 


April 20, 2010 –Joint Security Station Shield, Baghdad, Iraq.  Rear Admiral Charles Ray, USCG met today at 1500 in his office.  1LT Goodman and the Admiral’s Aide-De-Camp, 1LT Austin Alvis were present for most of the interview and picture taking.  The Admiral was very humble and gracious about my request to include him as one of the Coast Guard representatives.  My father had been in the Coast Guard during WW2 and had served in the south Pacific.  I think he would be proud of my choice today.  Admiral Ray is a graduate of the Coast Guard Academy and has two master’s degrees.  He is currently the Director, Iraq Training & Advisory Mission and works directly with the Iraqi Ministry of Interior.  It seems that the United States’goal of returning control of security and establishing democracy through the Iraqi people is in good hands with trainers like Admiral Ray. 





June 16, 2010.  Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan.  Just finished my second embed with the U.S. Coast Guard.  The first embed was with the U.S. Air Force’s 451st Air Expeditionary Wing.  I have now added three new subjects to the eventual goal of 21.  Major Dan Barone (42), C-130J Pilot with the 772nd Expeditionary Airlift Squadron was the first.  Then I met Captain Katie Veseth (29), Pilot of the MC-12 with the 361st Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron.  My embed with the Coast Guard resulted in me selecting Chief William Carl (50)(who just happened to be from Naples, Florida) who is with the RAID Team (Redeployment Assistance & Inspection Detachment.  He’s a big guy with a great personality and 25 years in the Coast Guard.  The Public Affairs Officers have been wonderful at arranging a complicated schedule.  There’s a ton of Press here, LA Times, NBC, NY Times, NPR, Christian Science Monitor, and freelancers.  And yes it’s hot, dry, and dusty.  Rocket attach alerts happen periodically.  There’s a lot of NATO troops and they are glued to the TVs during meal times watching the World Cup.


 June 22, 2010 --- Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan

On a chance meeting with NPR Pentagon Correspondent, Tom Bowman, I learned that Brigadier General Ben Hodges was in Kandahar. Tom had done a recent interview with the General for NPR’s “All Things Considered”hosted by Robert Seigel and Melissa Block which aired on June 11th. It took a day or so to coordinate through the various Public Affairs Offices, but last night the General and I met at his command center. I had heard several stories about the General from my scouting buddies back in Tallahassee who had served in the military. He was all they made him out to be: cordial, with a Tallahassee style southern manner; in-charge-type guy with the respect of his troops; and a diehard Seminole fan.  
I explained the “Honoring the Troops”project and he seemed sincerely appreciative of my efforts. After a couple photos taken by his Media Operations Officer, SQN LDR Paul Scott, we both agreed that it will be great to be back in the States, especially in Tallahassee/Quincy. It was only 111 degrees here yesterday. The General will be here awhile longer.
I have been in Kandahar, Afghanistan for twelve days meeting, photographing and taking measurements of military service members to be part of the 21 portrait sculptures for my “Honoring the Troops”project. Thus far I have selected Major Daniel Barone, Air Force C130J Pilot; Captain Katie Veseth, Air Force MC12 Pilot; Chief William Carl, U.S. Coast Guard; LT Duc Huy Nguyen, U.S. Navy Seabee; and Master Chief Shawn Johnson, U.S. Navy Seal. I will travel to Camp Leatherneck in Southern Afghanistan next to select two Marine candidates, then on to Kabul.   I plan to be back by July 4th
It’s a small world after all.


June 23, 2010 ---Camp Leatherneck (Bastion Air Field), Afghanistan


June 24, 2010 ---Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan


I flew in on a C130 Medivac flight from Kandahar. Upon arriving at Bastion Air Field I called for transportation to the media billeting tent. MC1 Michael Howlett, USN, wearing an Army Uniform, and assigned to a Marine Unit, arrived and took me to my air conditioned tent. I got a private room which means my bunk beds were walled off inside the tent with plywood. The renovations were still underway but he hoped to have them finished soon. Sheets were hung in the door ways to give privacy. He was planning to hang a real door for the last room on the left, since it was designated for lady reporters….for now a sheet would have to do. The AC worked great and you could adjust the amount of cold air flowing your way by pealing open a Velcro flap aimed in your direction.
           I was given general directions to the Dining Facility (DFAC) and the PX (Post Exchange) and after unpacking went off for a stroll in the plus 100 degree dry, dusty, and hot outside. I found the chow hall and had a late lunch. The food has always been incredible at all the DFACs in Iraq and Afghanistan…no complaints from me.
            When I exited, I went left instead of right and after 30 minutes in the heat decided I need help finding my tent….since most everyone lives in a tent here and they all look alike and there were no street signs or tent numbers. Stopped at a guard post and had them call the PAO (Public Affairs Office) and to send help.
2LT Jeremy McLean came to my rescue and eventually oriented me to my tent. We arranged to meet two Wounded Warriors (injured Marines) tomorrow.
I located the MWR (Internet Café) and called home.
I got up at 0430, walked to the MRW tent and got in line. Paid $25 for 10 hours of talk time on the phone. The computer was free but limited to 30 minutes.  Took a shower and dropped off my laundry (back in 48 hours). Slept some and read some in my School of the Bible pamphlet I brought with me. At 1000, I met 2LT McLean again and we went to visit the Wounded Warriors. 
Both Marines were recovering from IED explosions in different Forward Operating Bases (FOB s). SGT Ramlee Ramos Cruz , 24, from Deltona, Florida and LCPL Joe Angel Velasquez, 21, from Comanche, Texas were doing better since they had been medivaced here. Both had received concussions and LCPL had a right leg injury. I took measurements and photos and video taped their version of what happened. They both feel lucky to be alive given the explosions they were involved in.   I wanted some candid shoots but they were out of their FOBs so I took some around the Medical Facilities. While photographing LCPL during a visit to see his physician, someone said, “You’re from Tallahassee, Florida….so is he,”pointing to a large African American medic named Ivan Bell. I took a picture of him and Joe. I went to lunch with 2LT McLean.   I slept in the heat of the afternoon, snug in my AC tent. During the night I went back to the MWR tent and called home and checked my emails.

June 25, 2010 ---Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

Up around 0600. Showered. To breakfast. Read. Decided to go back to the Wounded Warrior tents and re-photograph Velasquez and Cruz. Some of the photos from yesterday were out of focus. Again, they were totally courteous. When I called home, Linda said my flights back had changed and that I would fly through Miami rather than Tampa.
            Since all the controversy with General McChrystal has occurred I thought it best to confirm my flight to Kabul and to meet with his Public Affairs Officer, LTC Tadd Sholtis. He has agreed to meet with me whenever I get there.

            Mailed back the SD card containing the photos I took to ensure that a copy makes it back to my studio. Worked on the computer, updating files, and writing blogs. The heat is oppressive during the day, so I sleep early and walk in the early morning hours….that also gives me the proper time to call home since I’m 8.5 hours ahead of Tallahassee time.





Let me know if a museum in your community would like to host this exhibit for several weeks in 2017 or 2018.  I have applied to over 15 across the country.  They each have a process to go through as well as fitting in with their individual schedules.  You can follow the current exhibit schedule below the list of donors.


The photo below is me in training which includes swimming a mile, walking w/back pack, running 3 miles, push ups, sit ups, and pull ups.  I'm determined to not have some 20-year-old soldier haul my butt up an Afghan mountain side---they have enough to do.  


A recent article appeared in the Tallahassee Democrat about the project and can be viewed at:  www.tallahassee.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article

Please call me (850-877-4332) if you would like to be part of the support team for "Honoring the Troops."



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      Operation Thank You, Leon County Government, Tallahassee, FL (Cash Donations) 

      Owens, Edna, Tallahassee, FL

      Parker, Jim, Tallahassee, FL

      Pearson, Judith, Naples, FL

      Pizza Hut, Tallahassee, Fl

      Publix Supermarket, Tallahassee, FL

      Pudela, Rebecca & Paul, Tarpon Springs, FL (In Memory of Peter J. Pudela, U.S. Marines).

      Ranger Joe's, Columbus, GA

      Ray, Bruce & Nichole, Tallahassee, FL

      Reifschneider, Carol, Newnan, GA (In Memory of Robert H. Nielson-U.S. Navy) 

      Rogers, William G. & Peggy, Tallahassee, FL

      Ross, Nancy S., Havana, FL

      Ryan, Joy M., Tallahassee, FL

      Safety Harbor Resort & Spa, Safety Harbor, FL

      Sawyer, Roosevelt, Tallahassee, FL

      Schroeder, Edwin & Marietta, Tallahassee, FL (In Memory of Rev. Morris N.  Dummet, Merlin C. Dummet, and Raymond   F. Dummet)

      Shaffer, Alton, Tallahassee, FL

      Shahawy, Dr. Mohsen & Ann, Tallahassee, FL

      Shelnutt, Howard & Cindy, Newnan, GA (In Memory of Howard Shelnutt, Sr.-U.S. Army) 

      Siegel, Claire, Patchogue, NY (Widow of a Coast Guardsman)

      Smith, Ellis P. & Lynn F., Tallahassee, FL Wylie, Jr., James, Tallahassee, FL

      Snover, Thomas D., Haines City, FL

      Sons of Confederate Veterans, Camp #1614, Finley's Brigade, Tallahassee, FL 

      Speegle, Bonnie B., Fayetteville, NC

      Sports Authority, Englewood, CO

      Stephenson, Jacquline Sue, Thomasville, GA

      Stokes, Ryan & Tanya, Tallahassee, FL

      Stoltz, Marlin G., Newnan, GA (In Memory of Harry Stoltz, Bob Stoltz, Walker Stoltz, and Jack Stoltz)

      Turnbull, Marjorie R.,Tallahassee, FL

      USF Student Government Supreme Court, Tampa, FL

      Waffle House (#1358), Synthia Aaron, Madison, FL

      Waffle House (#1756), Bertram Wright, Tallahassee, FL

      Walker, Alan & Edith, Tallahassee, FL (In Honor of Steven Alan Walker, CPO, Ret.)

      Walker, Lee & Deana, Newnan, GA (In Honor of Ezra Lee Walker, Jr.-U.S. Army)

      Walker, Wendy, Tallahassee, FL

      Washington, Corey & Brandi, Newnan, GA

      Williamson, Joe, Newnan, GA (In Memory of all of our Heroes and in Memory of William P. Williamson, WWII) 

      Yarick, George L. & Margarete H., Godwin, N.C.


      Category Name ---"Backer" $100 - $249


      ACE Hardware, Kerry Forest Parkway, Tallahassee, FL (Fund-raising)

      Adams-Ender, B Gerneral Clara L., Lake Ridge, VA

      Amico, Ross & Angela, Tega Cay, S.C.  (Captain, U.S. Army)

      Anonymous (1) 

      Auto Detail & Graphics, Tallahassee, FL

      Baker, LTC Robert J. & Carolyn, Tallahassee, FL

      Barnes, III, John E. & Cynthia, Naples, FL 

      Bennett, Jim, (Vet.), Tallahassee, FL (In Memory of Daniel Chairs, U.S. Marines)

      Boone, Sheriff Eddie & Melanie, Tallahassee, FL (Fund-raising)

      Brown, Jim & Becky, Bascom, FL (In Honor of LTC Matthew Brown & Zach Yopp)

      Caggiano, Michael A., Burbank, CA

      Campbell, Larry (Sheriff), Tallahassee, FL

      Candlewood Suites, Brentwood, Tennessee

      Capital City Kiwanis Club, Tallahassee, FL

      Cass, Wayne K. & Tammy C., Pine Mountain Club, CA (In Honor of Lt. Colonel Perry Hutchison, U. S. Army)  

      Citrus Center Kiwanis Club, Lakeland, FL

      Clayton, John L., Marietta, GA (In Memory of Ernest L. Clayton, WWI-France)

      Collier, William M., Marietta, GA (In Memory of "Rex") 

      Colonial Dames XVII Century, Tallahassee, FL

      Cowger, Sue F., Tallahassee, FL

      Crone, Bill & Sue, Naples, FL

      DeLand Kiwanis Club, DeLand, FL

      Dickinson, Jr. Merrill E., LTC (Ret), U.S. Army, Albany, GA (In Memory of Victor A. Anderson, SFC, U.S. Army, 48th Brigade Combat Team, GA Army National Guard, killed July 30, 2005, SW of Baghdad, Iraq.) 

      Discount Tires, Tallahassee, FL 

      Fairbank, Major Leigh & Barby, Sopchoppy, FL

      Grant, Scott, Tallahassee, FL

      Greensboro Kiwanis Club, Greensboro, FL

      Gunter, Bart & Laraela, Tallahassee, FL

      Gunter, Bill, Tallahassee, FL

      Hempel, Dr. Karl & Mackie, Tallahassee, FL

      Hoffmeister, Bonita, Buford, GA (In Memory of Max W. Hoffmeister, WWII, Calvin W. Bussell, WWII-Purple Heart, and Henry Milton Bussell WWI)  

      Hogan, Patrick, Tallahassee, FL (In Memory of Sarah Hogan)

      Holiday Inn Express-Glendale, AZ

      Holiday Inn Express-Sierra Vista, AZ

      Holiday Inn Express & Suites Central, Bakersfield, CA

      Holiday Inn Express-Ocean Springs, MS

      Homer Helter's Antique & Military Mall, Naples, FL

      Homestead-South Dade Kiwanis Foundation, Homestead, FL

      Hood, MG (Retired) Charles & Marion, Atlanta, GA 

      Jernigan, James D., Pilot Mountain, NC

      Jernigan, Mr. & Mrs. Lynn, Dunn, NC

      Jim Wells Tire Center, Tallahassee, FL

      Johansen, Wayne A., Duluth, MN (In Honor of Gabriel Davie Heaslip)

      Kearney, Patrick & Tami, Pine Mountain Club, CA (In Memory of Richard Kearney, U.S. Navy) 

      Keith Lawson Company, Inc., Tallahassee, FL

      Killearn Kiwanis Charities Foundation, Tallahassee, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Big Lagoon Foundation, Pensacola, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Bradfordville, Tallahassee, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

      Kiwanis Club of Burbank Sunrise, Burbank, CA

      Kiwanis Club of Camarillo, CA

      Kiwanis Club of Columbus, Columbus, GA

      Kiwanis Club of Destin, Destin, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Fort Myers metro-McGregor, Fort Myers, FL 

      Kiwanis Club of Jasper, Jasper, FL

      Kiwanis Club of LaBelle, LeBelle, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Lady Lake, The Villages, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Lakeland, Lakeland, FL

      Kiwanis Club of LeHigh Acres, LeHigh Acres, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Marietta-Lost Mountain Golden K, Powder Springs, GA

      Kiwanis Club of Marco Island, Marco Island, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Mount Dora, Mount Dora, FL 

      Kiwanis Club of Northside Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

      Kiwanis Club of Oregon, IL

      Kiwanis Club of Oviedo Winter Springs, Winter Springs, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Port Charlotte Sunrise, Port Charlotte, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Punta Gorda, Punta Gorda, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Saint Andrew, Panama City, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

      Kiwanis Club of Santa Clarita, Santa Clarita, CA 

      Kiwanis Club of Santa Paula, Santa Paula, CA 

      Kiwanis Club of South Coast, Santa Barbara, CA

      Kiwanis Club of Swainsboro, Swainsboro, GA

      Kiwanis Club of The Top of The Bay, Oldsmar, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA

      Kiwanis Club of Weeki Wachee, Spring Hill, FL

      Law, Marjorie, Crawfordville, FL

      Manley, II, Professor Walter W., Tallahassee, FL

      Marriott-Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel, Atlanta, GA

      McInroe, Kay, Peachtree City, GA (In Honor of Bill McInroe, U.S. Air Force)

      Mears, Norm, Tallahassee, FL

      Medley, Don B., Camarillo, CA (In Honor of All Who Serve)

      Meehan, Gary D., Tallahassee, FL

      Metro Atlanta Kiwanis Club, Atlanta, GA

      Monson, Carl, Tallahassee, Fl (In Memory of Norman G. Monson)

      Moorings Park, Naples, FL

      Morris, Marilyn K., Esq., Tallahassee, FL (In Honor of Benjamin D. Morris and Joshua Bartlett-Morris) 

      Murphey Family Foundation, Inc., Jacksonville, FL

      Newman, Susan, Homestead, FL (In Honor of William Colbert, U.S. Air Force)

      Northlake Kiwanis Club, Atlanta, GA

      PaceSetters of St Pauls United Methodist Church, Tallahassee, Fl

      Pearce, Jennifer & James Sauls, Tallahassee, FL

      Perrella, Jean E., Tallahassee, FL (In Honor of John Addison Ferrara)

      Quincy Kiwanis Club, Quincy, FL

      Rich, Capt. Brian C., Jupiter, FL

      Sears (Auto Center), Tallahassee, FL

      Soni, Dr. Bhavik, Dermatology Associates, Tallahassee, FL

      Speedo, New York, NY

      Staybridge Suites-Airport, Albuquerque, NM

      Staybridge Suites-West/Energy Corridor-Houston, TX

      Staybridge Suites-Airport, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      Staybridge Suites-Airport, San Antonio, TX

      Stout, Stephen F., Clearwater, FL

      Tallahassee Ford Mustang/Memorial Day Event, 2014, Cash Donations, Tallahassee, FL

      Tallahassee Kiwanis Club, Tallahassee, FL

      Tallahassee Northside Kiwanis, Tallahassee, FL

      Tallahassee Southside Kiwanis, Tallahassee, FL

      Texas Roadhouse, Siera Vista, AZ

      Tony's Hairstyles & Sons, Tallahassee, FL

      Trephan, Michael & Deborah, Naples, FL

      Valterra Products, Mission Hills, CA

      Veseth, Kate, DuPont, WA

      VFW Post 11395, Eric Huberth Post, Thousand Oaks, CA 

      Waffle House (#388), Donna charest, Lake City, FL

      Waffle House (#703), Lee Sheffield, Defuniak Springs, FL

      Waffle House (#719), Marilyn Meyers, Lake City, FL 

      Waffle House (#892), Tiffany Maxwell, Tallahassee, FL

      Waffle House (#919), Randall Ward, Marianna, FL

      Waffle House (#942), Seth Carson, Bonifay, FL

      Waffle House (#1192), George Henington, Tallahassee, FL

      Waffle House (#1214), Donna Zint, Life Oake, FL 

      Waffle House (#1338), Chelsea Grier, Chipley, FL

      Waffle House (#1446), Chavez Rollins, Tallahassee, FL

      Waffle House (#1527), James Harper, Tallahassee, FL

      Waffle House (#1561), Ricardo Dyall, Midway, FL

      Waffle House (#1856), Robin Hall, Marianna, FL

      Waffle House (#1580), Crystal Estabrook, Thomasville, GA

      Warson/Converse, St. Louis, MO

      Watkins Family Gathering Group, Monticello, FL

      Watkins, William H., LTC Ret., Tallahassee, FL

      Wildwood Kiwanis Club, Wildwood, FL

      Williams, Jean & Delano, Tallahassee, FL

      Wollschlager, T. Lynn, Tallahassee, FL

      Wood, Kevin, Tallahassee, FL (West Point Society of Tallahassee)

      Wylie, Jr., F. James, Tallahassee, FL 

      Yopp, Eric & Melanie, Tallahassee, FL (In Memory of James m. Yopp, Sr., U.S. Army and In Honor of George L. Yarick, U.S. Navy)


      Category Name ---"Supporter" $250 - $499

      Affiliated Auctions & Realty, LLC, Tallahassee, FL

      AJ's Chicken & Things, Quincy, FL (Fund-raiser)

      Amerigas, Randall McBryde, Thomasville, GA

      Apour, Steve, Emerald Hills, CA

      Capital Hitch, Tallahassee, FL

      Core Distribution, Minneapolis, MN

      CVS Pharmacy, Woonsocket, RI

      Delaware-Commission of Veterans Affairs, Lawrence Kirby, E.D., Dover, DE

      Durra-Print, Tallahassee, FL

      Florida PBA (Police Benevolent Association), Tallahassee, FL

      Hyatt Regency-Riverfront, Jacksonville, FL

      Lewis, Longman & Walker, P.A., Tallahassee, FL

      NASDVA-National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs, Alexandria, VA

      No Freeze Water Hose, Dublin, OH

      Sam's Club, Tallahassee, Fl

      Sansone, Andrew & Vibeke, Naples, FL

      Sonium Technologies, San Mateo, CA

      Staybridge-Suites, El Paso, TX

      Staybridge Suites-Houston West, Texas

      Tallahassee Community College, Tallahassee, FL

      Technology Research Corporation, Clearwater, FL

      Waffle House (#977), Nicholas Grampa, Tallahassee, FL

      Waffle House (#1418), Candyace Harden, Tallahassee, FL

      Walgreens, Tallahassee, FL

      Walmart, Tallahassee, FL

      Wise Solution Fundraising, Brian Forbing, Tallahassee, FL (Fund-raiser)


      Category Name ---"Partner" $500-$999

      Beacon Technology, St. Louis, MO

      Best Buy, Tallahassee, FL

      Bronzart Foundry, Sarasota, FL

      Camping World, Tallahassee, FL

      Carrabelle Christian Center, Carrabelle, FL

      Chavant, Farmingdale, NJ

      Crowne Plaza - Downtown, St. Louis, MO

      Costco, Tallahassee, FL

      Dometic, Elkhart, IN

      Dow Building Solutions, Midland, MI

      Evans, Steven & Linda, Tallahassee, FL (In Memory of Captain H.O. "Tad" Evans and CPL Raymond Dutchik.  In Honor of LT Steven "Chip" Evans, Seal Team 10)

      Eye Safety System, Sun Valley, ID 

      Home Depot, Tallahassee, FL

      Karmanos Printing, Tallahassee, FL

      Kiwanis Club of Westchester, Bakersfield, CA

      McCully, Dr. A.C. & Jean, Tallahassee, FL (In Memory of Jeff Mainwood)

      Morton, Edward A., Naples, FL

      OPENonline, San Luis Obispo, CA (In Memory of Richard E. Henderson, Chief Warrant Officer, U.S. Army; Felisa Vanoff, Captain, U.S. Army; and Nick Vanoff, Sr., Corporal, U.S. Marines)

      Rich, David, Tallahassee, FL

      Ryor, Carol M. & John, Tallahassee, FL

      Sanchez, Fernandez & Cindy, Austin, TX

      Staples, Tallahassee, FL

      Staybridge Suites, Newport News-Yorktown, VA, Dawn Anderson, Director of Sales 

      The Hour Glass, Tallahassee, FL

      Valley Forge Flag Company, Reading, PA

      Windsor, Dennis N., McKinney, TX 

      Woodward, Mayo, Birmingham, AL (In Honor or LTC Ken Ruthhardt (U.S. Air Force) and in Memory of Lieutenant General Louis Gravely (U.S. Army)


      Category Name ---"Defender" $1,000 - $4,999

      Abundant Life Faith Church, Newnan, GA (Fund-raiser)

      Abundant Life Fellowship Church, Tallahassee, FL (Fund-raiser) (In Memory of SPC4 Robert C. Millender)

      Acadian Harwoods & Cypress, Chipley, FL

      ACT/Swiftpage, Denver, CO

      Epson, Long Beach, CA

      Esselte/Pendaflex, Melville, NY

      Florida Professional Firefighters, Tallahassee, FL

      Handheld Contact, Toronto, ON, Canada

      Hinson, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson, Quincy, FL

      JM Family Enterprises, Deerfield Beach, FL

      Kirby, Mike & Toni, Tallahassee, FL  (In Memory of Toni's Father, Harry B. Stinson, Jr., WWII & Korean War Veteran, USN Retired, Enlisted After Pearl Harbor & Retired in May 1963 While On The Flag Ship For The Cuban Missile Crisis)

      Master Granite & Marble, Tallahassee, FL

      Merritt, Pastors Mike & Penny, Newnan, GA (Fund-raisers) (In Memory of Jesse M. Aldredge & Wayman E. Merritt)

      Millender, Pastors Larry & Elaine, Sopchoppy, FL (Fund-raisers) (In Memory of SPC4 Robert C. Millender)

      Modern Postcard, Carlsbad, CA

      Morningstar Mini-Storage, Tallahassee, FL

      Motorola Mobility, Inc., Libertyville, IL

      Nikon, Melville, NY

      Panasonic, Secaucus, NJ

      Patterson Companies, St. Paul, MN

      PODS, Clearwater, FL

      Point Blank Solutions, Pompano Beach, FL

      Poole, Jr., Lonnie, New Smyrna Beach, FL

      PosterGarden, Portland, OR 

      Residence Inn by Marriott, Pentagon City, VA

      Raepple, Roger & Carolyn, Tallahassee, FL

      Rosetta Stone, Arlington,VA

      Ruff-Tuff Products,Salt Lake City, UT

      Sanofi US, Reston, VA

      Sharpline, Elkhart, IN

      Sony, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

      Staybridge Suites/Torgerson Properties, Tracy Neumeyer, General Manager, Naples, FL

      Tallahassee Ford, Tallahassee, FL

      The Tallahassee Moose Lodge # 1075, Tallahassee, FL (For Marcus Bruner's sculpture)

      Tilley, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

      Waffle House (Stacey Dawson), East and West Divisions, FL (Fund-raisers)

      West Point Society ofTallahassee, FL (In Honor of Fallen Comrades in Arms)

      WilsonJones, (ACCO Brands), Lake Zurich, IL

      Wright, Michelle & Chris (& Baby Girl), Pine Mountain Club, CA (In Memory of Theodore N. Jernigan, USCG, and Col. Omar K. Phillips, Sr., U.S. Army, and in Honor of George Wright, U.S. Navy) 

      Yopp, Zachary, Tallahassee, FL (Fund-raiser)

      Zippo Manufacturing, Bradford, PA


      Category Name ---"Patriot" $5,000 - $9,999

      American Memorial Life Insurance Compamy, Rapid City, SD (In Sponsorship of Chief Bill Carl)

      Boone, Gavin & Stacie, Tallahassee, FL (Fundraisers via Sanofi)

      Dignity Memorial, Fort Myers/Naples, FL (In Sponsorship of Chief Bill Carl)


      Category Name ---"Patron" $10,000 - $18,899

       Capital City Kiwanis Club Foundation, Inc., Tallahassee, FL (Fund-raiser Coordination)


      Category Name ---"Sponsor" $18,900 - $ Above

      Keystone RV Company, Goshen, IN (Provided the Moble Studio---Keystone Outback Toyhauler)

      Tallahassee Democrat, Tallahassee, FL (Provided the Media Credentials and Coverage)

      The Perot Foundation, Plano, TX (In Sponsorship of Master Chief Shawn Johnson, USN, Seal).