“Officer Down” Memorial
            The “Officer Down” Memorial was unveiled and dedicated at the
                          Florida State Capitol Plaza on March 9, 2009. 
(Michael Jernigan, sculptor and John Rivera, President of the Florida Police Benevolent Association)
“This memorial is dedicated to all the brave men and women who have given their lives so that others may live in freedom and safety. It is a tribute to all our everyday heroes who valiantly protect us and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. May this be the last officer down this society ever sees.” John Rivera, President, Florida Police Benevolent Association.
(A little visitor feeling the replica during the FOP LAW Enforcement Memorial Ceremony on May 4, 2009)
(Adam Gaffney, MIS Manager with the Florida Division of Blind Services assisted with creating the Braille text included in front of the maquette (small-scale model).
 The memorial features two impressive life size, bronze statues and a smaller scale version on the side which is ADA accessible and friendly (words are in Braille).
(The statues are a Florida Police Benevolent Association enhancement to the original 2000 Florida FOP Memorial)
(Originator for the idea of an “Officer Down” memorial sculpture, Denny Wood, President of the Florida Paraplegic Association presents a Life-Time Membership to Michael Jernigan, Sculptor, for including the ADA/Braille small scale model to the site.)
(PBA staff and Mike Vasilinda review the documents and personal items to be placed in the time capsule inside the male officer.)
Imbedded within the male statue are time capsules which are filled with information about all fallen officers in Florida, including photos and written messages from families, co-workers, and friend. 
“To past, current, and future law enforcement officers, our hope is that this “Officer Down” Memorial will be an inspiration and reminder of the courage, honor and sacrifice which go with the calling of being a law enforcement officer.” David Murrell, PBA Executive Director, “Roll Call,” June 2009.     
                If interested in ordering a maquette copy of the
                                 “Officer Down” sculpture, just call. 


Last updated November 2018