Portrait Gallery

Portrait sculptures are the perfect way to honor individuals who have contributed to a community's history either through their deeds, donations, or directions. Individuals may wish to preserve the likeness of family members for future generations.

The process takes about 6 months to complete. Only a couple sittings are required since most of the likeness can be sculpted from photos and measurements. It takes about 3 months to have the clay image cast through the lost wax bronze process.

The likeness can be rendered as a relief, as a head only, as a bust (head and shoulders), or as a full body statute. Prices vary depending on the style chosen. Copies can be cast at one half the original commission price.

If you have questions or wish to discuss the possibility of commissioning a portrait sculpture contact me as early as possible.


"Sergeant Wayne Westmark"


Click on each thumbnail to enlarge the image(approximately 125kb each)...
"Edward Smith Dixon, Mayor"
Morehead City, NC
Copy Cost $9,450
"Mikie Wolff"
Commissioned for Tift General Hospital, Tifton, GA
Unveiled May 1, 1994
Copy Cost $10,000
"William John Bailey, M.D."
Commissioned for Naples Community Hospital, Naples, FL
October 1990
Copy Cost $9,450
"Roe Wetherbee"
Commissioned for Phoebee PutneyHospital, Albany, GA
Copy Cost $9,450
"V. W. McEver, Jr., M.D."
Commissioned for Houston
Medical Center,
Warner-Robbins, GA
Copy Cost $9,450
"Russell Sullivan"
Commissioned for Holmes
Regional Medical Center,
Melbourn, FL
Copy Cost $5,000
"Mel Lockard"
Commissioned for Sara Bush
Lincoln Hospital,
Mattoon, IL
Copy Cost $9,450
"Gene Sarazen"
Commissioned for Naples Community Hospital, Naples, FL
October 1996
Copy Cost $12,750
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